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RUCKUS ZoneFlex M510 Unleashed
Mobile Indoor 802.11ac Wave 2 2x2:2 Wi-Fi AP with LTE Backhaul

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In a fiercely competitive marketplace, managed service providers (MSP) are looking for new ways to differentiate their services and open new revenue streams.

The RUCKUS M510 Unleashed mobile-wireless access point (AP) is designed to leverage LTE networks as a backhaul and connect wirelessly back to any network without the need for an Ethernet cable connection.

Because of the wireless LTE backhaul capability, the M510 addresses multiple deployment scenarios not previously served, including mobile “in-vehicle” Wi-Fi ("mobile AP"), rapid Wi-Fi deployment for pop-up retail or first-responders and temporary Wi-Fi deployments at a construction site. M510’s LTE backhaul can serve as a failover or redundancy for the WAN connectivity.

Pricing Notes:

CommScope RUCKUS Products
WatchDog End User Support for Unleashed M510
Support includes Level 1-3 Support (24 x 7 x 365 days), Support web login, software updates and upgrades. Advance Replacement on the Unleashed APs is now included with support. There is no need to purchase Advance Replacement support separately.
WatchDog End User Support for Unleashed M510, 1 Yr
Our Price: $29.40
WatchDog End User Support for Unleashed M510, 3 Yr
Our Price: $58.80
WatchDog End User Support for Unleashed M510, 5 Yr
Our Price: $88.20
RUCKUS ZoneFlex M510 Unleashed Series Accessories
RUCKUS Spares of Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adapter (10/100/1000 Mbps) with US power adapter, quantity of 1 unit (applicable for 7731, P300, R710, R610, R700, R600, R500, R510, R300, R310, 7982, 7372, 7352, 7321, H510, H500, H320, 7055, T300, T301, T610, T610s)
Our Price: $90.00
RUCKUS T-bar ceiling mount kit for R720, R710, R610, R510, R310, R320, R700, R600, R500, M510 for mounting to flush frame ceiling
Our Price: $38.00
RUCKUS Spares of US Power Adapter for RUCKUS R700, R710, R610, ZoneDirector 1200- quantity of 1
Our Price: $30.00
Secure Mounting Bracket for R-series
Multipurpose mounting bracket for R-Series indoor AP‘s. Supports mounting to hard wall, ceiling, pole or truss (Secure Mounting Bracket for Ruckus R720, R710, R500, R510, R610, R600, R310, R320, M510 and R700 without pad-lock support.)
Our Price: $38.00